Letter from the Director

Executive Director Philip Reilly thanks you for your support!

Dear Friends,

Over the past six months, our world—and our daily lives—have undergone significant change.

Whilst many of us across Canada are experiencing the easing of lockdown measures, thanks to the tremendous efforts of our public health officials and frontline workers, India remains in a very unstable and precarious position.

Many of you have reached out, sharing your concern for the children you support in our schools. I’d like you to know that we are so appreciative of your care, concern and ongoing support. It’s wonderful to be part of a community where donors like you are so engaged.

Despite the fact that our schools have remained closed across India, our work has continued. Teachers have been busy preparing for the new school year, and our Community Healthcare program is in high gear. Since COVID-19, our Community Health Workers have become the life-blood of remote communities, providing health care education and connecting families to health services and emergency food resources. Their work is absolutely crucial to ensure that the poor and marginalized are protected and cared for.

I want to thank each of you for your ongoing support.

As our schools begin to reopen and the children and families we support return to a more familiar routine, your partnership is more crucial than ever before. Your generosity ensures poor and marginalized children are given the best opportunity to flourish.

I hope you enjoy discovering how your gifts have made a significant difference in the lives of impoverished children, their families and their entire communities in rural India.

For the children,

Philip Reilly

Philip Reilly

Executive Director Dalit Freedom Network Canada

Teach Health in Action

Your Gifts are Protecting Health for Entire Communities!

Your generous gifts have made it possible for our Teach Health program to thrive. These photos have captured a few small, beautiful moments of our Community Health Workers (CHW) providing educational and medical help to communities in need—all thanks to you.

The healthcare knowledge being exchanged in these images is vital and will protect so many from the ongoing healthcare crisis.

Providing Freedom Through Education

Samar’s Story

Samar was kicked out of his local school at age eight because he was unable to pay the expensive fees. For many families in rural India, sending a child to school is out of reach. That’s why it’s not uncommon for relatives to discourage children from pursuing an education because of limited finances. Samar, unfortunately, was one of those children.

Losing access to education ended Samar’s childhood early and abruptly.

After leaving school, Samar was expected to help his family earn a living, help with chores, and take care of his younger siblings. Fortunately, when Samar and his family heard about our school, they were shocked to learn that he could attend for little or no cost at all. Now, Samar and his two siblings all attend our school, where they can learn, and play.

Now that Samar is receiving a high quality education in English, the entire trajectory of his family’s life has changed.

Samar was destined for the same cycle of poverty that claimed his father’s life—but not any more! Now, Samar has been given the opportunity to have hopes, dreams, and plans for his future.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Samar is charting a new future.

Donor Spotlight: Greg and Marian

Long time supporters jump on board with Teach Health

“I was drawn to the work of Dalit Freedom Network after seeing a complete transformation in marginalized communities—physical, emotional, and spiritual.” says Greg, a medical scientist who specializes in population and public health.

In 2010, Greg and his wife Marian had the opportunity to visit and observe the training of our first healthcare workers in Hyderabad. After seeing the incredible work that healthcare workers do, Greg and Marian became invested in our cause. Greg and Marian’s generosity, as well as the generosity of our entire donor community, has helped to ensure that our healthcare programs can thrive.

Our healthcare workers have needed to adapt to the intensive safety requirements of the COVID-19 crisis. Recently, we launched our Teach Health initiative to educate impoverished communities about preventative practices, such as handwashing and social distancing. Teach Health is a life-saving initiative, and its launch was only possible because of generous donors like Greg and Marian.

“This work has become even more vital during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were thrilled to participate in the new initiative of Teach Health as we have seen its value first hand,” says Greg.

Thanks for being part of our incredible community of donors, which includes fantastic people like Greg and Marian.

Give a One-Time Gift

Please give generously to make education and freedom possible for poor and marginalized children in India. Your contribution will open up possibilities through education that could only be dreamed of before.