Pursuing the Journey of Freedom

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful for you! With your generosity, last year we saw 7,263 children receive the gift of education, and 586 women graduate from vocational training.

Through working together, we are seeing freedom come to the children of India and their families. Freedom that opens the doors of possibilities—economically, socially, and spiritually.

With a grateful heart,

Sherry Bailey CEO/Executive Director

Your Generous Gifts in Action

Share in Student Successes!

Your gifts are helping the poor dream big and rise out of poverty, as well as providing lunches, building playgrounds, training women in tailoring, and granting micro-grants to start businesses.


Total Revenue 2017


  • 82% to India Projects
  • 8% to Administration
  • 9% to Fundraisings

India Projects Funded




Education Sponsorship



Classroom Construction



India Program Coordination



Hope for Dalit Women



Health Initiatives



Equipping Schools and Teachers


  • 83% Education Sponsorship – $2,356,198
  • 9% Classroom Construction – $267,006
  • 3% India Program Coordination – $88,092
  • 3% Hope for Dalit Women – $74,734
  • 1% Health Initiatives – $36,956
  • -1% Equipping Schools and Teachers – $24,629

Past Reports

Year Total Revenue India Projects Administration Fundraising
2017 $4,626,263 $2,847,618 $293,475 $328,548
2016 $3,207,203 $2,843,267 $324,751 $368,089
2015 $5,526,920 $4,402,844 $280,692 $280,692

You’re Making Change Possible

Share in Student Successes!

Kindergarten: Sandhya

Sandhya is in Kindergarten at one of our Good Shepherd Schools. Her father is a rickshaw driver, and it is a daily struggle for him to meet the most basic needs of his family. Despite their poverty, however, Sandhya’s parents are determined for their daughter to have a better life than they had. This is why they make sure Sandhya never misses a single day of school. Sometimes this means her mother has to borrow another rickshaw bicycle in order to drive Sandhya to school. The dedication of Sandhya’s parents gives her the best possible chance to be successful at school.

Grade Five: Deepak

Deepak is a bright grade five student at one of our Good Shepherd Schools. He is an energetic little boy who loves his studies. He particularly excels in both writing and public speaking. But behind his smiles and enthusiasm, Deepak lives a hard life. He comes from an exceptionally poor and marginalized family.

Recently, his mother suffered a serious leg injury, and due to the poor sanitation and living conditions in their neighbourhood, it quickly became infected. Thankfully, she was able to receive medical attention, but the healing process has been slow and increases the family’s financial strain. It is their prayer that Deepak’s education is setting him on a path for a better and brighter future.

Grade Ten: Ritu

Ritu is a spitfire and an absolutely brilliant student. Like almost all students in Good Shepherd Schools, Ritu comes from a marginalized group living in extreme poverty. Despite the circumstances she was born into, Ritu’s determination to succeed in life has never wavered. She loves technology and plans to study mathematics and physical science in college.

Increasing Health Education

Deviam is a community healthcare worker at one of our Good Shepherd Schools. She is dedicated to teaching the importance of health and educating others. She serves the health needs of the school and the wider community. Deivam is so grateful for generous donors like you who make this life-changing work possible.

Thank you for Your Compassion in 2017!

You Changed Lives

Thank you for everything you’ve done to support Dalit Freedom Network in the past year. You’ve given so much more than you can imagine by bringing freedom through education to children in India. Because of you, those living in poverty are finding true freedom and dreaming of brighter futures.


Your generosity has…


  • 579 new children sponsored
  • 1,265 children received another year of education through the Freedom Campaign and special dinner events
  • 7,263 total children receiving education sponsorshi


  • 21 schools provided education
  • 9 classrooms added to two schools allowed for more children and more grade levels
  • 174 desks for children to study and focus at two schools
  • 4 schools received library books and resources for primary grades
  • 1 playground provided
  • 1 water well


  • 1 healthcare worker funded for a full year
  • 107,520 lunches provided in three needy schools
  • 448 children assisted through the mid-day meal for one year


  • 18 vocational training centres for women (including 3 new centres begun)
  • 586 women graduated from the six-month training
  • 88 women received grants to start income generating business.

Give a One-Time Gift

Please give generously to make education and freedom possible for poor and marginalized children in India. Your contribution will open up possibilities through education that could only be dreamed of before.