Thank You For Unleashing Freedom!

A Message From Sherry Bailey

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your vital, ongoing support. Each of you plays an important role in unleashing the freedom and full potential of marginalized children.  

Do you remember the story of the starfish?

I’d like you to imagine a man walking along a beach lined with thousands of starfish, all stranded on the sand. As he walked, he picked up one starfish after another, and tossed them back into the water.

Another man saw this and asked, “Why are you bothering to do this? Many thousands of stranded starfish will die anyways. Your actions won’t even make a dent.”

The first man looked down at the starfish in his hands and threw it back home into the sea, as he said, “It made a difference for that one.”

Together, you and I are just like the man who threw the starfish back into the sea. When each of you contributes, making a difference for one child at a time, together, we are making a difference for a multitude of children. This story also reminds us that God cares for each child—one by one.

Your generosity is a bright beacon of hope for India’s poor and marginalized, and I am indescribably thankful to you for your kindness and support.

With a grateful heart,

Sherry Bailey

Sherry Bailey

Executive Director Dalit Freedom Network Canada

Discovering Light Amidst the Darkness

The Transformative Power of Community

Your support is saving lives. Thanks to you, Pradeep’s life was saved! Did you know that school encompasses more than simply education? It’s true! Good Shepherd Schools are also about supporting both children and their families.

Your generosity allows caring educators to offer guidance, love and support to children and families when they need it. When we come together, we can do the greatest good, as you’ll see in Pradeep’s story.

Pradeep has been attending a Good Shepherd School for three years. He’s 14 years old, but he almost didn’t have a chance to see another birthday. You see, Pradeep’s uncle took his own life, leaving his nephew shocked, overwhelmed and deeply depressed.

His parents saw how profoundly their son was affected by his uncle’s death, and they tried to help in every way they could imagine. As you know, sometimes raising a child takes a village.

Overcome by grief, Pradeep stopped talking with everyone. “Everywhere I looked, I remembered my uncle.” says Pradeep.

“Losing him is the most terrible pain I’ve ever felt.”

Feeling hopeless and unable to find joy in anything, he began fighting with his family.

At the end of a particularly bad fight, Pradeep went into a room alone and started planning how he could take his life. Thankfully, Pradeep’s grandmother is both wise and intuitive. She sensed what her grandson was preparing to do and intervened.

The whole family was shaken.

Without hesitation, Pradeep’s father took his son to meet the teachers and Manager of the Good Shepherd School. Together, they felt the gravity of the situation and examined how Pradeep could be better supported at school, as well as at home. I’m happy to tell you that Pradeep has received the care he needed and now he’s feeling much better!

Pradeep’s life was saved all thanks to the combined efforts of his family, caring educators and your support as a donor. Isn’t that wonderful? Thanks to your generosity, teachers strive to support children like Pradeep both inside and outside the classroom.

The Transformative Power of Sports

Sport makes life more fun and is a powerful way to overcome differences, bringing people of different backgrounds together. My name is Cassandra Irving, and my involvement with Dalit Freedom Network (DFN) began with a trip to India led by DFN.

During our adventure, we toured Good Shepherd Schools, women’s centres and DFN’s HIV Clinic. Our DFN guides and hosts were gracious and informative, showing us the beauty of this great nation, as well as its formidable challenges.

Back home in Canada, I wanted to help further.

“For the first time, India’s young women and little girls would be seen as strong and competitive team players with a key role in their own lives as well as the wellbeing of their communities.”—Cassandra

I was confident sport could be helpful for marginalized youth in India. So, I launched—a non-profit organization that runs sports camps for youth. The proceeds fund DFN sports camps for children experiencing poverty in India.

Sport is incredibly powerful for low-caste children, especially girls. For the first time, India’s young women and little girls would be seen as strong and competitive team players with a key role in their own lives as well as the wellbeing of their communities.

Sport can transform lives. It’s my way to serve the poorest of the poor in India and join the quest for their equality, freedom and joy.

What Your Generosity Has Accomplished!

Unlocking Potential Through Education

There are so many things that we’re grateful for, but we’re most grateful for you! Thanks to you, so many of India’s marginalized children have received high-quality education and the skills they need to escape poverty.

Your devotion to pursuing freedom and justice for these children is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for giving to unleash their full potential. With your continued support, we can help even more children suffering from poverty in India, and help them achieve their dreams, transform their families and change their communities.