A Message from Sherry

Remembering Dalits During Christmas

Can you remember the last time you had a dream that came true? Dalit children and their families dream of having basic necessities and life skills. They dream of a life outside of poverty and discrimination. They dream of enough food to eat, a proper home to live in, and a job that will provide for their family. These dreams are made possible when they receive the gift of education.

I want to invite you to give something meaningful this Christmas — give the gift of possibilities! Our Christmas Wish List is here. Below you will find several Wish List items that will truly change the life of a Dalit. Please take a moment to look over the gift items and consider making a wish become a reality.

Thank you for all you have done for Dalit children. We simply could not do this important work without you. Because of you, our schools are growing and children are thriving. Dalit children’s wishes and dreams are coming true.

With great appreciation,

Sherry Bailey

Executive Director
Dalit Freedom Network Canada

Two Students With New Futures

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Odisha is home to 41.9 million people, with 32% of the population living below the poverty line.  The area is known for its tribal cultures and its many ancient Hindu temples.

When I arrived at the remote village school—on my last trip to India—I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was graduation day for two Grade 10 students: Rashmi and Sritam. They were honoured by the other students through dances, songs and speeches.

When it was time for Rashmi and Sritam to speak, they spoke of how the Good Shepherd School had given them a good education, and if it wasn’t for this school they would be rice farmers just like their parents and grandparents. They thanked their teachers for caring for them throughout the school years. What a blessing to have the gift of education.   

Two young men’s lives were changed forever because of their time at a Good Shepherd School.

Since then, Rashmi and Sritam have both been accepted to different colleges as science students. They look forward to completing their education, finding jobs to provide for their families, and caring for those in need in their community.

These two young men’s lives were changed forever because of their time at a Good Shepherd School. All this is made possible because of dedicated donors from all across Canada who help provide funding for the classrooms, commit to being sponsors for the students, and believe that we can make a difference one child at a time.

Christmas Wish List

Choose from the gifts below, and transform a life this Christmas!

One year of Education
Education helps low-caste children break the cycle of poverty and oppression. Your gift will send a child to school for an entire year, giving them the chance to dream of a better future.
Help Build a New School Classroom
Your help supplying the materials needed to build a new classroom is crucial! Your gift will help grow our schools, enabling us to welcome more children and change more lives.
Provide Sports Equipment
Your gift of sporting equipment will create opportunities for children to learn about teamwork and strategy, and enjoy healthy, outdoor fun.