Unleash Freedom This Christmas

As many of us prepare to spend Christmas surrounded by friends and family, may we also remember God’s children still struggling and suffering in India. 

God’s heart for marginalised children and their families is that they should live lives characterised by freedom, and this Christmas you can help unleash that freedom! 

In this newsletter, you’ll find a Wish List of items that are needed for India’s low caste children to escape generations of oppression and build brighter futures. It is my wish that you will consider giving a meaningful gift this Christmas and pick an item to give from that list. 

If you know someone who doesn’t need anything this Christmas, but you’d still like to show them that you care, you have the opportunity to give a special gift in their honour! 

Your gift will make a child’s education possible, allowing them to break the chains of oppression and build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities as well. 

Your gift will plant the seeds of freedom for generations to come—what an incredible cycle to start this season!

Sherry Bailey

Executive Director Dalit Freedom Network Canada

The Power of Perseverance

Sonya’s Transformation, Thanks to Donors!

Sonya was born into terrible poverty. Her parents worked long, hard hours as daily agricultural workers. With five children, they struggled to provide for the family.  

When a Good Shepherd School Manager offered Sonya a scholarship, her parents were reluctant. They could see little benefit to an education, especially for a young girl. They had little hope of any of their children ever escaping the oppression, discrimination and poverty that they, and generations before them, had endured. 

The School Manager persisted, and with the promise of a scholarship for their daughter, they agreed to enrol Sonya in kindergarten. 

At first, Sonya was unkempt and never followed instructions. Sometimes, her teacher would spot her wearing just one shoe, while its match would be nestled snugly in her bag! At first, Sonya’s parents showed little interest in their daughter’s education, or her appearance at school. 

“Sonya’s teachers recognized her potential and they never lost heart. Thanks to donors like you, and the scholarships that you provide, they invested time, energy, care and love in Sonya.”

By the end of her first year, there had been a remarkable change in Sonya’s appearance and behaviour. She dressed neatly, showed up punctually and worked diligently on all her assignments. 

The positive change in Sonya impacted her parents as well. They realized that she was learning valuable lessons at school and they began to take an interest in her education. The more Sonya learned, the more proud they grew that their daughter could speak English words. They also proudly noticed her good manners and her improved character.  

Sonya is the only child in her family that has received an education and her entire family are unbelievably proud of her!

Now in grade 8, Sonya is receiving good marks and dreaming of a future where she and her family are free from the discrimination and poverty that low caste people have endured for generations. 

Without the generosity of donors, Sonya would never have been able to set foot inside a classroom. You can enable a child like Sonya to receive an education by giving this Christmas!

Furthering Education, Thanks to You!

Do you remember Somya’s incredible dedication from our recent Back to School campaign?

If you don’t, Somya wakes up at 5:00 AM every day, studies, completes her chores, walks two kilometers to school, studies diligently all day, then walks home, cares for her younger siblings, helps prepare dinner and heads to bed at 7:00 PM, so she will be rested for further studies in the morning.  

Somya does all this in the hopes of one day serving her nation as a military doctor.

Somya is just one of many children with big dreams at a Good Shepherd School in need of our support to graduate. That’s why I want to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every person that gave to the Back to School Campaign to ensure that Somya, and girls like her, have the opportunity to graduate. 

Together, we raised thousands of dollars and ensured that dozens more students would have the opportunity to graduate this year! 

“Thank you for your commitment to seeing India’s low-caste children move all the way from kindergarten to graduation day. You’re truly helping to break the cycle of poverty and discrimination by showing these children their self-worth and their God-given dignity.”

Christmas Gifts, Reflecting God’s Heart

Quality education changes everything for low-caste children in India. As you explore our Christmas Wish List, you’ll discover how you can bless children in India, by making education a reality.

Christmas Wish List

Choose from the gifts below, and transform a life this Christmas!

Provide a month-long scholarship
Your gift will assist a student for one full month of education!
Give a full-year scholarship to a child
Your gift will empower a low-caste child to go to a Good Shepherd School for a full year!
One semester of school
Your gift will assist a child for an entire three-month semester of education and empowerment!